Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis cancels his tour dates!!

A message from Jerry Lee Lewis agency :

"Last night the management of Jerry Lee Lewis and his daughter Phoebe Lewis has informed us that Jerry is unable to make his European Summertour starting in Belgium Saturday july 17 and finishing in Finland on august 1st. Jerry is suffering from SHINGLES (acute vesicular inflammation), very painfull and it causes also problems with his heart. Jerry had a 3 hours surgery yesterday in the Hospital in Memphis and his docters have advised him NOT to do the tour at this moment.They have told him that everything will be fine again in one month. I also spoke to Jerry personal last night, he was very depressed and sad that he had to cancel his summertour.Please understand that Jerry Lee Lewis has not been ill during the last FIVE years - Diba International Concerts"