Tuesday, July 20, 2010

“Summer of Rock” - 2010

With the “Blues” line up on summer recess, Gary Moore will be hitting the road this summer, with a whole “new” band line up: Neil Carter returns, after 20 years, to take up his rightful place stage left, behind a battery of technology. He is planning to throw some on stage shapes, as he dusts off his guitars; Jon Noyce, (ex Jethro Tull/Sessions) will be holding down the bottom end on bass, again some one who is making a return to the live line up (he was last seen on the Phil Lynott, “One Night in Dublin” Tribute DVD in 2005), and providing the percussive edge is a very familiar face, Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream/Sessions) on drums.
This reenergised line up have been locked away, since Gary’s return from a successful “Blues” tour of the Far East earlier this year, working up a live set based around a selection of live favourites from the “Wild Frontier/After the War” period. Songs that have been regularly requested at live shows, over the past 15/20 odd years. This may prove to be a real treat for fans, old & new, as many will not have heard Gary play these songs live, for a very long time.
In addition to the older tunes, a number of new “Celtic Rock” style tracks are to be included in the show. Tracks that slot easily into the live set.
The debut live show for the line up will be at the Trondheim Rock Festival, Trodheim, Norway on May 22nd, and the first opportunity for UK audiences to see and hear the new tracks will be at the “High Voltage” Festival in July, when Gary performs on the bill with the likes of ZZ Top, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Foreigner, Asia, Marillion and many more. Gary is due on stage on Saturday July 24th.

This “Summer of Rock” is set to continue with a number of European festival shows, which have been added to the touring schedule, so looks like a very busy year for Gary and the “new” band.